Thursday, 18 August 2011

Who Might Benefit? Case Study 1

Paul is a sales rep, who often needs to read product brochures while on the road. Paul is dyslexic and suffers from visual stress. He needs a way of getting these documents re-formatted to match his needs as simply as possible. Ideally he would also like to listen to the documents while driving to help with memorising the facts and figures. MyDocStore offers him the following possibilities:

If he receives a PDF by email on his PC he can open it as a re-formatted Word document.

MyDocStore in the Cloud can convert the PDF to an MP3 audio file. It will also store the re-formatted Word document.

On his iPhone he can download and play the MP3 file. It will also download the Word document, which can then be read-aloud with VoiceOver.

1 comment:

  1. This case study suggests that users won't be able to convert directly from a Word file, they will have to convert to a pdf first.
    Is this the case?