Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Thinking Behind MyDocStore

In recent years the technology behind mobile devices such as Smartphones, iPads and Kindle has developed at a rapid rate, and these devices are becoming very popular. At the same time, there have been advances in making files, webpages and emails available to those who need access to alternative formats. What has been missing is the link between the two technologies. MyDocStore, by developing a Cloud-based service (similar to DropBox) marries accessibility to mobility. It aims to provide instant syncing of files between devices and applications.

Until now, user-focussed solutions have been predominantly desktop based and assume that the user will continue to use the content on that device. So you need to convert a file into two different versions – say a large font version for reading on a laptop and an audio version to listen to on your phone. MyDocStore looks to overcome this by combining proven AT tools with Cloud file syncing.

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